This Friday, Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz are going to go at each other face first in a no-hold-barred comedy-wrestling match otherwise known as What Happens in Vegas. The two super stars meet and marry in an inebriated state of bliss only to find out that they actually hate each other. After Kutcher wins a three million dollar jackpot using Diaz's quarter, they are sentenced to six months of hard marriage to determine who gets the cash. We recently met up with Ashton Kutcher and his on-screen best buddy Rob Corddry to get the guys' side of things. To watch our exclusive video interview, which touches on high waisted pants, the return of bush, beer smoothies, and why men shouldn't be bonding over A Lot Like Love, click on the clip below:

Exclusive: Ashton Kutcher and Rob Corddry

What Happens in Vegas happens at a theater near you this Friday, May 9th!