Growing up in the Mission district of San Francisco certainly made a distinct impression on Benjamin Bratt and his filmmaker brother Peter Bratt, so much so that the brothers made a film about their old neighborhood. La Mission, written and directed by Peter Bratt and starring Benjamin Bratt in a dynamic performance as Mission mainstay Che, takes us inside this incredibly diverse neighborhood, home to artsy hipsters, working-class folk along with thugs and drug dealers as well. Benjamin Bratt's Che belongs to the working class as a city bus driver, but he belonged to the criminal side as well, an ex-con who has now reformed. He's now a respected (and also feared) man in the Mission, raising his only son Jesse (Jeremy Ray Valdez) on his own and who is also admired for his gorgeous lowrider that he takes out on the weekends. When Che learns that his only son Jesse is gay - a lifestyle that is hardly tolerated in the Mission - he disowns the son he loves and has to face a demon that he never thought he would've had to face: his own hard-nosed lifestyle and view of the world.

We had the chance to speak with both of the Bratt brothers, Benjamin and Peter, about the film, the real-life inspirations for characters like Che, the lowrider culture and much more. Click below to watch our exclusive interview with both Benjamin Bratt and Peter Bratt about their very personal new film.