Director Nick Stoller, producer Judd Apatow, and writer/star Jason Segel have teamed up to create one of the funniest and most enduring romantic comedies of the year in Universal's Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The film centers around heartbroken musician Peter Bretter (Segel) who is dumped by long time girlfriend and popular television star Sarah Marshall. To get over her, Bretter flies himself out to Hawaii only run into his ex and her new rocker boyfriend. All three have taken refuge in the same Oahu resort where Peter is attempting to mend his heart. A hilarious series of heartbreaking adventures soon finds Bretter doing the impossible: Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

In the film, it is Peter's brother Brian that convinces the lovelorn man to get out of the house and go on vacation, thus setting this romantic train wreck in motion. Playing Brian Bretter is SNL funnyman Bill Hader, who has in recent years become the Apatow team's pitch hitter. He has appeared in three Judd Apatow produced films thus far, and currently has two more on the horizon. We recently caught up with Hader on the beautiful beaches of Oahu, were we quizzed him on working with Muppets, Team Apatow, and his love for comic books.

To watch our exclusive video interview, click on the clip below and enjoy:

Exclusive: Bill Hader

Forgetting Sarah Marshall opens April 18th, 2008.