After Dark's Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For is coming November 9th through the 18th. Eight new horror films will be released in over 500 theaters, in 35 cities around the United States for one week. To celebrate this awesome festival, After Dark films is also gearing up to crown Miss Horrorfest 2007.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Black Betty, who was crowned last year's Miss Horrorfest, and chat about the contest. She seems pretty perturbed about having to relinquish her crown, and damn near ate our cameraman.

Here is our exclusive interview with Black Betty, which also contains behind the scenes footage of Betty shooting her Horrorfest 2007 promo:

Completed Video Promo

The official rules for becoming Miss Horrorfest 2007 are as follows:

Also check out our 3 exclusive behind-the-scene videos from the shoot below!


The new Miss Horrorfest 2007 Competition has begun. Win $50,000 fame, glory and a year of exotic travel as the reigning Miss Horrorfest!


1) Film yourself explaining why you would be the next best Miss Horrorfest. Your submission can be only :90 seconds in length and should include the words "MISS HORRORFEST" and "HORRORFEST, NOVEMBER 9-18, 2007" somewhere in the video.

2) Create a Youtube profile and upload your video.

3) Join this group: and submit your video for approval.

For Official Rules please visit:


YouTube users have the ability to influence the selection of Miss Horrorfest, merely view videos and rank them with stars. The more views and the more stars a submission has, the greater the chance that they'll be Miss Horrorfest. To view all 2007 submissions, go here:


Horrorfest is a week of 8 Films To Die For... 8 new horror films released in theaters for one week only. For more information on Horrorfest and the the soon-to-be announced lineup, visit:


This year's Miss Horrorfest will have big shoes to fill. Black Betty (Jessica Chisum) - is the first ever Miss Horrorfest. Check out her YouTube page for information and updates on her activities.