We have a brand new exclusive clip from Angel of Death, which hits the shelves on DVD on July 28. Click below for our exclusive special feature clip that takes us into the production of this Zoe Bell film.

In the tradition of Grindhouse, Kill Bill and Sin City, award winning comic book writer Ed Brubaker teams up with stuntwoman - turned cult star Zoe Bell (Death Proof, Lost) to deliver a stark, stylish pulp thriller about a very bad girl gone "good."

Eve (Bell) is a sexy assassin who kills without remorse - until one botched hit changes everything. Caught off guard, Eve is stabbed in the head and inadvertently murders a young girl. The blade is removed, but the damage is done: Eve's mind is now filled with visions of past victims. The hunter becomes the haunted and this killing machine is plagued with remorse. Unable to "work," this mob asset has become a liability. Eve's only chance to survive is to track down her ruthless bosses before their new hitman finds her.

Special Features:

  • Commentary with Director Paul Etheredge, Writer Ed Brubaker, Producer John Norris and Actress Zoë Bell
  • - Making of Angel of Death
  • - Casting an Angel: Zoe Bell as Eve
  • - Behind the Stunts
  • - Zoe Bell's Screen Test
  • - Eve's Tips for Killing
  • - Eve's Tips for Killing: #12 "Tools"