We have a brand new exclusive special feature clip from Poseidon, which makes its debut on Blu-ray today, April 6. Click below to watch this exclusive special feature clip, which explains the process of turning this enormous boat over.

It's New Year's Eve on the Poseidon. Partying voyagers toast the future. The future comes in a rush: a 150-foot rogue wave flips the cruise ship over...and a struggle to survive begins. Director Wolfgang Petersen returns to the sea with a thrill-packed, cutting-edge screen adaptation of Paul Gallico's novel The Poseidon Adventure. Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss, Emmy Rossum and more play passengers who must rely on each other as they seek safety through the water, flames and wreckage of an upside-down world.

Special Features:

  • Poseidon: A Ship on a Soundstage: The Complexities of Making a Modern Adventure Movie
  • - A Shipmate's Diary: A Film School Intern's Experiences on the Set
  • - Poseidon: Upside Down: A Unique Set Design Chronicle
  • - The History Channel Documentary Rogue Waves:
  • - Explore the Mystery of This Powerful Phenomenon of Nature

Poseidon stars Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss, Emmy Rossum, Jacinda Barrett, Mía Maestro, Mike Vogel, Kevin Dillon, Freddy Rodríguez, Jimmy Bennett and will be unleashed on Blu-ray on April 6.