We have a brand new exclusive DVD special feature clip from Tenderness, which will be released on DVD on April 13. Click below for our exclusive special feature clip, which shows us how this film, which stars Russell Crowe, first got off the ground.

Lori Cranston is a confused fifteen-year-old dreamer in search of an escape from her troubled home life. She discovers and becomes enthralled with Eric, a young man with a violent past. As they embark on a harrowing journey, a hardened local cop, who has been following Eric for years, is intent on exposing him as a serial killer before Lori's fate is determined.

Special Features

  • "Finding Tenderness: Bringing the novel to the screen" featurette

Tenderness stars Russell Crowe, Jon Foster, Sophie Traub, Laura Dern and will be released on DVD on April 13.