We have an exclusive clip featuring the menus and special features from the upcoming three-disc set for The Bourne Trilogy, which is coming to Blu-ray for the first time on January 27. Click below to check out our exclusive clip from this high-powered trilogy.

Special Features:

The Bourne Identity:

- Alternate opening and alternate ending

- Deleted scenes

- The Bourne mastermind: Robert Ludlum

- Access granted: an interview with screenwriter Tony Gilroy

- From identity to supremacy: Jason & Marie

- Inside a fight sequence

- Feature commentary with director Doug Liman

The Bourne Supremacy:

- Explosive deleted scenes

- Crash cam: racing through the streets of Moscow

- The go-mobile revs up the action

- Anatomy of a scene: the explosive bridge chase scene

- Feature commentary with director Paul Greengrass

The Bourne Ultimatum:

- Deleted scenes

- Man on the move: Jason Bourne

- Rooftop pursuit

- Planning the punches

- Driving school

- New York chase

- Feature commentary with director Paul Greengrass