Bratz: Kidz Fairy Tales is coming to DVD on February 26, but you can check out this new animated DVD right now. We have an exclusive clip from this brand new DVD and we're sharing it with our readers. Click below to watch this exclusive video.

The Bratz Kidz made a promise to their school principal to put on a Fairy Tale Showcase at their school. The Bratz, Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin will play Rapunzel, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella, but the reality is that their hearts are not in it. The Bratz girls feel that the fairy tale heroines are not strong-willed characters and that the Bratz Kidz are better equipped to handle the misadventures in the land of make believe. That is, until a little frog appears, and zaps them into Fairy Tale Land. There, the Bratz Kidz must prove that they can handle things better than the original characters, but quickly realize it's not so easy to battle characters such as the big bad wolf and evil stepmothers! By working together as friends, they are able to get through each story and overcome every obstacle as a team! The trip to Fairy Land gives them a new-found appreciation for the classic characters they portray. The Kidz soon agree that it isn't right to judge others until you have walked a mile in their glass slippers!

Special Features

- 2 Fairy Tale Games

- 3 Sing-Alongs