Case 39 is the latest thriller from director Christian Alvart, the man who brought us last year's scary sci-fi roller coaster ride Pandorum. The movie follows family services social worker Emily Jenkins (Renée Zellweger), a woman who thinks she has seen it all in her lifetime. That is, until she meets 10-year old Lilith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland) and the child's cruel and dangerous parents.

Emily's worst fears are confirmed when the parents attempt to harm Lily. Frightened for the young girl's life, Emily enlists the help of Detective Mike Barron (Ian McShane), who takes Lily in while Jenkins searches for the perfect foster family. Just when it seems as though the young girl is on her way to a more loving home, under the guidance of Emily and a psychiatrist (Bradley Cooper), dark forces surrounding Lily come to light and, little do they all know, their attempts to protect the child set in motion an even greater horror.

Awhile back, we visited the set of Case 39, and went behind-the-scenes to speak with director Christian Alvart. In our exclusive video interview, we learned more about the story, and Christian Alvart's intention's behind bringing it to life. To watch our chat, click on the clip below:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange