Clive Owen has become an international movie star by choosing interesting characters to play in compelling films like Closer and Children of Men. He posses the rare ability to make even the most complicated character relatable to any audience. That is no different in his new film, The Boys Are Back where the actor plays a father of a young boy dealing with the loss of his wife. We had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Clive Owen about his moving new film, opening in theatres on September 25th. To watch our video interview, click on the clip below:

The Boys Are Back tells the story of Joe Warr, a successful journalist who has his life turned upside down when his wife dies of Cancer. Left alone to raise his young son, Joe soon finds it too difficult to manage and takes on a "whatever" attitude about parenting. When his older son from a previous marriage moves in with them, Joe has to pull himself together and learn how to deal with his loss while being a good father to his boys. The book the movie was adapted from is written by Simon Carr, and based on his own real life experiences. Also starring Emma Booth, Laura Fraser, George Mackay and Nicholas Mcanulty and directed by Scott Hicks, The Boys Are Back opens in theatres on September 25th.