Whenever you get two extremely talented filmmakers together both with huge followings you can run the risk of egos clashing and prima donna behavior, and god forbid you add a famous actor into that equation, you could be writing a recipe for disaster. However that was not the case when filmmaking legend Roger Corman, acclaimed director Joe Dante and fan-favorite actor Corey Feldman collaborated for the exclusive new web-series, Splatter; which begins airing on-line October 29th. Sponsored by Netflix and available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike, the series can be seen by going to www.netflix.com/splatter beginning October 29th with a second installment airing November 6th and the entire series concludes on Friday, November 13. But what's the catch, you say? Viewers will have the opportunity to vote on line for which characters they think should live and which should die, so they will actually have control over the outcome of the series. Pretty cool, huh? We had the opportunity to speak with two of the three legends involved, horror-master Roger Corman and the star of such classics as The Lost Boys, The Goonies and Gremlins, Corey Feldman about the new series, the interactive component, working with Joe Dante and Feldman even gave us the scoop on his involvement in Lost Boys 3: The Thirst and the long-awaited return of the Frog Brothers. To watch our exclusive interview click on the video clip below.

Splatter follows rock-and-roll legend Johnny Splatter, a musical genius that accumulated as many hit records as he did enemies on his climb up the fame ladder. His sudden death, ruled a suicide, brings a small circle of professional parasites and hangers-on to his Hollywood Hills mansion for the reading of his last will and testament. But as his "frenemies" come to pick the bones clean, Johnny has returned for a deadly encore long after what they thought was his final curtain. Also starring Tony Todd and Stuart Pankin and directed by Joe Dante, The premiere episode of Splatter begins airing on October 29th at www.netflix.com/splatter with the second installment scheduled for November 6th and the concluding episode slated for Friday, November 13.