If he never does anything else with the rest of his life at least Corey Feldman can say he was in four of the most beloved movies of the last thirty-years. Beginning with Gremlins in 1984 at the age of thirteen Feldman went on to star in classic films such as The Goonies and Stand By Me among other movies but it was his role as Edgar Frog in The Lost Boys that has kept in the hearts and minds of fans for decades. He reprised his role in last year's extremely successful direct-to-DVD release Lost Boys: The Tribe and it was recently announced that he would be appearing in a third film as well. We had the opportunity to speak with Feldman early this week and in light of the recent news that his wife and The Two Coreys co-star, Susie Sprague-Feldman has filed for divorce, he seemed upbeat about Lost Boys 3: The Thirst and discussed his role as Executive Producer, who will end up directing the film, the inevitable return of the Frog Brothers and Corey Haim's possible involvement with the movie. To watch our exclusive interview click on the video clip below.

Fans of the The Lost Boys series will note that James Newlander, the actor who played Alan Frog brother of Feldman's Edgar in the first film only made a brief appearance in the second movie in two alternate endings that were never used. In the deleted scene Sam Emerson (Corey Haim) goes to Edgar and tells him that Alan is coming for Edgar to "settle the score." There were two versions of this scene shot, one where Sam is a vampire and one where he is not. Both scenes end with Alan, now a vampire and a female companion approaching Edgar's house. One would think that Lost Boys 3: The Thirst would pick-up from that point but fans will have to wait to see. Lost Boys 3: The Thirst is scheduled to begin shooting in South Africa next month.

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