Day Zero will hit the DVD shelves on February 26, but you can catch a glimpse at this DVD right now. We have an exclusive clip from this movie featuring the three stars - Elijah Wood, Chris Klein and Jon Bernthal. Click below to watch this new video.

Three men come face to face with their concerns about war when they're drafted in this independent drama set in the near future. As the United States becomes more deeply mired in wars around the world and the threat of major terrorist attacks looms large, the federal government decides to reinstate conscription, and three friends face conflicting emotions as they wait out their last few days before entering the Army under the new draft. George (Chris Klein) is a lawyer who has been helping his wife Molly (Ginnifer Goodwin) get through her recent cancer treatment; he would prefer to stay home with her as she recovers, but despite his legal know-how he can't find a loophole out of his current dilemma. Aaron (Elijah Wood) is a slight and sensitive writer who doesn't feel physically or emotionally prepared to serve in the military, despite his sense of moral obligation, and he turns to a therapist, Dr. Reynolds (Ally Sheedy), to help him cope. And Dixon (Jay Bernthal) is a cabbie who feels reasonably strong and confident about his future as a soldier until he meets Patricia (Elizabeth Moss), a college student who challenges his beliefs and assumptions about the war and each man's place in it. Day Zero was the first feature film from veteran editor Bryan Gunnar Cole, and received its world premiere at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.