Life for actor/stuntman Derek Mears is pretty damn good right now. After a career as an actor and stuntman, primarily in smaller roles, Mears won the role of a lifetime playing Jason Voorhes in the remake of Friday the 13th, which is coming out on DVD, Killer Cut Extended Edition DVD and Blu-ray on June 16. When I was on the set of the movie, almost a year ago today, I was quite surprised at how jovial and animated this huge man was at playing one of the genre's most popular characters... and I was even more impressed that, the second that mask was donned, he instantly transformed into this impressive killing machine, which I thought Mears did an excellent job of portraying in the film.

I was invited down to Warner Bros. to conduct a video interview with Mears and we talked about everything from his unique childhood history with the character, to being on the set and even sequels and possible Predators. Click below for my exclusive video interview with the new Jason Voorhes, Derek Mears.

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You can see Mears in action from the comfort of your own home when Friday the 13th hits the shelves on DVD, Killer Cut Extended Edition DVD and Blu-ray on June 16.