Jean-Dominique Bauby had the life of dreams. Editor of Elle magazine in France, three loving children, a beautiful girlfriend, he was the epitome of glamour and success. But in one terrible instant, a massive stroke changed it all. Completely paralyzed except for the use of his left eye, Jean-Dominique Bauby started over. He learned to communicate by blinking, and trapped in his immobile 'diving bell' body, Jean-Do reconnected to the world. Released just ten days prior to his death, his novel of triumph - The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, is a magnificent opus to life and humanity.

Exclusive: Julian Schnabel

Exclusive: Marie-Josee Croze

Exclusive: Mathieu Amalric

Exclusive: Ronald Harwood

Artist turned director Julian Schnabel's film adaptation achieves cinematic greatness. His past works, Basquiat and Before Night Falls, were a prelude to the genius and exceptional creativity behind this film. Schnabel tells Jean-Do's story with the pen of a poet and the brush of an artist. It is a profoundly visual and emotional experience. Director Julian Schnabel, stars Mathieu Amalric, Marie-Jose Croze, and Oscar winning screenwriter Ronald Harwood were in New York to promote the film. Their interviews were fascinating and personal. It's good to see a real story every once in a while, reminds me of the uplifting power of good cinema. That may sound cheesy, but it is a remarkable film and deserving of all accolades.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is in limited theaters November 30!