You know it's award time in Hollywood when the studios take a break from cranking out pop garbage and puts their focus on the art of film. Director Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven) takes abstract interpretation to new heights in I'm Not There. The film looks at Bob Dylan's tumultuous life through diverse avatars. These characters are portrayed by different actors, who play Dylan-esque over the years. Marcus Carl Franklin and Christian Bale are Dylan as the young idealist, while Cate Blanchett, Heath Ledger, and Ben Whishaw portray Dylan at his peak of folk stardom. Richard Gere rounds up the bunch as the aged and reclusive Dylan.

The odd thing about covering this film is that the interviews took place the day after Paramount announced Bruce Greenwood as Captain Pike in J.J. Abrams revision of Star Trek. Couple that with Heath Ledger's first interview since playing in The Dark Knight. Bruce Greenwood was the only actor at the press day who didn't play Dylan in the film. He spent the whole day being peppered with Star Trek questions by reporters. He couldn't reveal much, but at least had a little fun with my turn to question. Heath Ledger was not so amused. He looked like he'd rather shave Bin Laden's beard than answer any questions about the. My attempt at a little Joker-Dylan humor bombed like a bad first date. But Heath did eventually come around and offer some musings on the painted villain.

Check out our exclusive video below to hear Director Todd Haynes, Marcus Carl Franklin, Heath Ledger, and Bruce Greenwood talk Dylan, and next year's most anticipated sequel.