It was one of the most popular anime series on TV and one of the most popular manga's before that. Now the fans can finally see their favorites like Goku, Bulma, Chi Chi and the villain Piccolo brought to life before their eyes in Dragonball Evolution, which hits theaters nationwide on April 10. I had the chance to speak with Justin Chatwin, who plays young Goku, who discovers his hidden powers on his 18th birthday, Emmy Rossum who plays the feisty Bulma, a scientist who is searching for her father's stolen Dragonball, Jamie Cheung, who plays Chi Chi, the lovely fighting goddess that catches Goku's eye, and James Marsters, who plays the villain Piccolo, who is trying to capture all seven Dragonballs so he can conquer the earth. Click below for our exclusive cast featurette.

Dragonball Evolution will arrive in theaters on April 10.

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