Edward James Olmos is an actor who has always commanded an unbelievable amount of gravitas. Whether it was in the classic film Blade Runner as Gaff, on TV's Miami Vice as Lt. Castillo, in Stand and Deliver as inspirational teacher Jaime Escalante or his most recent role as Admiral William Adama in Battlestar Galactica, Edward James Olmos is always completely believable in every role he takes. His four-year run as the leader of the human resistance on Sci-Fi Channel's hugely popular Battlestar Galactica came to an end last spring with the finale of the series but now fan's can rejoice as the long awaited Battlestar Galactica: The Plan comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on October 27th. We had a chance to speak with Edward James Olmos about the new film, which he also directed, the end of the popular series and what's next for this incarnation of Battlestar Galactica. To watch our exclusive interview click on the video clip below.

Written by series writer Jane Espenson, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan begins before the attack on the 12 colonies and will show events mainly from the perspective of two Cylon agents. The narrative largely follows multiple versions of the Cylon models One (Dean Stockwell) and Six (Tricia Helfer), who have infiltrated the remaining humans, both on the planets, and those who have escaped into space. From there, the events of the television series are shown from a Cylon perspective, and their underlying plan is revealed in a way that will change your outlook on the new Battlestar Galactica series forever. Also starring Michael Trucco, Aaron Douglas, Dean Stockwell, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, Rick Worthy, Matthew Bennett, Callum Keith Rennie, Michael Hogan and Rekha Sharma and directed by Edward James Olmos, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan blasts off on DVD and Blu-ray on October 27th.

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