Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz smolder on screen in Elegy, the film adaptation of Phillip Roth's The Dying Animal. Kingsley stars as David Kepesh, an art critic/teacher who is a serial seducer of women, particularly his students. But David meets his match in the beautiful and sexy Consuela (Cruz), who captivates him to the point of questioning his lifetime of philandering. Their relationship stuns his best friend George (Dennis Hopper) and threatens his decades long affair with a former student, Carolyn (Patricia Clarkson). Elegy is the classic mixture of sex, philosophy, and relationships brought artfully to the screen by Isabel Coixet. It explores many adult themes without being gratuitous or unrealistic; a definite must-see for anyone who's sick of the summer's vapid blockbusters.

I recently had a chance to sit down with Dennis Hopper, the fabulous Patricia Clarkson, and famed Spanish director Isabel Coixet. It was great to be doing serious interviews with such fantastic actors. Check out below as they wax poetic on the film's deep exploration of love and relationships.

Elegy comes to theaters August 8th.