Indie-film director Brad Anderson (The Machinist) delivers again with the Hitchcock-esque thriller, Transsiberian. Emily Mortimer and Woody Harrelson star as a missionary couple returning from China on a trans-Siberian train. The trip takes a sour turn when they meet their new cabin mates, a lively young couple (Eduard Noriega and Kate Mara) with just a few dark secrets. The unwitting Americans find themselves involved in a criminal plot with a malevolent Russian detective (Ben Kingsley, kicking ass as usual)hot on their trail.

I just love Emily Mortimer. She's quietly built up a tremendous acting resume over the years. A learned British actress, Mortimer is often seen in romantic fare (Lars and the Real Girl, Notting Hill), but shines brightly here as the naive Iowa girl in big Russian trouble. The film is a starring vehicle for her and really shows her ability as a leading lady. Check out our exclusive interview with her below.

Transsiberian hits theaters July 18th!