Paramount Digital Entertainment brings you Circle of Eight, starring DJ Qualls alongside rising stars Austin Highsmith and Ryan Doom and a sizzling cast of the industry's newest talent. Welcome to the circle, the compelling experience where the fate of the story and the possible redemption of its characters is in your hands. You can watch this thrilling 10-part film series when it premieres this Tuesday, October 27 at Circle of 8. To celebrate this awesome interactive experience, we have an exclusive clip from the film featuring its star DJ Qualls as he intersects a lovers' quarrel with his trusty video camera. To watch the video, click on the clip below:

Jessica, a newcomer to the City of Angels, has just moved into a loft on the eighth floor of The Dante, a historic and eerie downtown building filled with friendly twenty-something neighbors who eagerly welcome her into their bohemian world. Or do they? As Jessica races to unravel the mystery behind a chain of horrifying deaths that only she seems to see, she'll come face-to-face with the chilling truth behind her connection to The Dante. Join her and her hot neighbor, Evan, in ten intense episodes that offer multiple levels of interaction, including hidden clues, mobile content, an online game and exclusive material that builds the back story of the characters and their relationships and gives the audience the chance to affect their futures. Each episode consists of a 6 to 8 minute video, interactive hotspots and pop up clues, an interactive discovery experience and a classic trivia game. There are 40 Pop Up Clues placed throughout the series. Each time you watch an episode you will receive a different clue. Clues are also randomized across the audience so that each person will receive clues in a different order. One of those clues unlocks exclusive mobile content. These clues are the pages of Evan's private art journal. Each Image contains a number of clues that deepen the story's plot line. You can watch the episodes at Circle of 8.

Starring DJ Qualls, Austin Highsmith and Ryan, Circle of Eight premieres this Tuesday, October 27th, 2009.