Charlie Bank's (Jesse Eisenberg) sheltered world at his Ivy League campus is shaken when Mick (Jason Ritter), an old acquaintance with a violent past, unexpectedly shows up at his dorm room. Intrigued by Charlie's privileged lifestyle, the charismatic Mick quickly wins over Charlie's friends and his crush, Mary (Eva Amurri) as he seamlessly integrates himself into Charlie's life. Unnerved yet also in awe of Mick's easy charm, Charlie's unresolved feelings of jealousy, admiration and fear, as well as an unspoken secret between the two, threatens to come to a head with ruinous consequences. The Education of Charlie Banks marks musician Fred Durst's directorial debut. We recently caught up with the singer, as well as his leading man Jason Ritter, to chat about this upcoming thriller. To watch our exclusive interview, click on the clip below:

The Education of Charlie Banks opens this Friday, March 27th, 2009.