The Bromance is in full bloom. I Love You, Man may be the first film to legitimately earn this title. It is hilarious, really surpassed my expectations. The Paramount folks have a monster hit on their hands this weekend. Paul Rudd stars as supershy everyman, Peter Klaven. He proposes to his fiance Zoe (the burn your eyeballs hot Rashida Jones), who realizes that Peter has no friends to be in his wedding party. So in search of groomsmen, Peter attempts to 'man date' in the wiles of LA. Hoping to find a best man and best friend.

I asked the cast and director/writer John Hamburg what they thought of the term 'bromance'. Their reactions were very different and interesting. In fact, it was difficult to get a serious question in during these interviews. The publicists tried, to their credit, to contain the mischief, but they could not contain Paul Rudd and Jason Segal in the same room. Those guys had everyone in stitches with their antics. Check out the shenanigans below, and yes ladies, those are farts you're smelling at Jason Segal's house.

I Love You, Man hits theaters everywhere March 20th.