We have an exclusive clip from the upcoming indie thriller Downloading Nancy, which hits theaters on June 5. Click below for our exclusive clip, which features Maria Bello and Rufus Sewell.

When Albert Stockwell came home from work one day he found a note from his wife of 15 years, Nancy, saying she had gone to see friends. It was a lie. After waiting several days Albert realizes that his wife is missing. Nancy had met her salvation on the Internet in the form of Louis Farley. Louis's life, like Nancy's, had become a twisted quest for redemption via smutty chat rooms and alternative websites. Both wounded and alone Nancy and Louis take comfort in one another through email, pictures and promises. Now Albert is forced to confront Louis. He hears how Louis and Nancy found one another on-line, started having an affair on-line and how they ended it... together. Albert discovers that in the last days of his wife's sad lonely life, Nancy had decided to go to a different place, one of liberation and fulfillment, a location where pain becomes pleasure and where the end is the beginning. In the end Louis knows that he is getting at least life-in-prison, that his course is set, and that within this fate he is free. Nancy too knows that the only freedom she will have will come from this same ultimate liberation, while Albert must stay behind and salvage what is left.