When the Duplass Brothers were shooting their last feature film The Puffy Chair, a crew member raised the question: "What is the scariest thing you can think of?" Someone immediately said: "A guy with a bag on his head staring into your window." Some agreed, but some thought it was downright ridiculous and, if anything, funny (but definitely not scary). Thus, BAGHEAD was born; an attempt to take the absurdly low-concept idea of a "guy with a bag on his head" and make a funny, truthful, endearing film that, maybe, just maybe, was a little bit scary, too. We recently caught up with the two men behind this spooky little film, the directing duo of Jay and Mark Duplass, as well as their lead actress, queen of the mumblecore movement, Greta Gerwig, for a stirring chat about Baghead. To watch our exclusive video interviews, click on the frightening clips below:

Baghead opens in limited release on July 25th, 2008.