Mister Lonely is a hilarious, heartfelt work of mad genius the likes of which we've never seen. It is director Harmony Korine's third feature length film, and it is the work of a true artist that has matured and aged into his own unique voice. The bizarre plot follows the life of a Michael Jackson impersonator (Diego Luna) as he sets out for a commune run by the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Buckwheat, and the Three Stooges. There, he falls madly in love with a Marylyn Monroe look-alike, and learns to love his own anonymity outside of his idol's skin. We recently caught up with Mr. Korine for a quick chat about his latest project. There, he told us of fish, invisible dogs, his own fascination with pop idolatry, and the fate of his long rumored project Fight Harm. To watch our exclusive video interview, click on the clip below:

Mister Lonely opens this Friday, May 2nd, in New York.