When director Dave Boyle was making his first film, Big Dreams in Little Tokyo, he knew that one of the actors in his directorial debut, Hiroshi Watanabe, would be perfect for the lead role of Jimmy in what would be his follow-up, White on Rice, which comes out on September 11 in limited release.

This comic-strip-inspired indie comedy revolves around Jimmy, 40-year-old Japanese man who looks for a fresh start in America - despite his extreme cultural misguidance - also features a wonderful ensemble of supporting roles that includes James Kyson Lee, best known as Ando on the hit series Heroes, as Jimmy's co-worker Tim and the lovely Lynn Chen as Ramona, the apple of both Jimmy and Tim's eye. We were able to speak exclusively with Watanabe, Boyle, Lee and Chen about this fresh indie film, so click below for our exclusive interviews.

White on Rice will be released in theaters on September 11 in limited release.