Okay, Fast and the Furious fans have we got a treat for you!

With The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift recent September 26 DVD release from Universal Home Entertainment, we were able to score some exclusive interview clips with the film's director Justin Lin. During the discussion Lin talks about making Tokyo Drift, the influence of growing up in Orange County on him as a filmmaker, the art of drifting, and his next project Finishing the Game. Click below to watch these exclusive clips!

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Was it a big adjustment doing an "action" movie like Tokyo Drift considering how the other films you made were a bit more character oriented?

What was the most difficult part about making Tokyo Drift?

Do you think that growing up in Orange County, which has a large Asian-American community, especially a young one that's somewhat heavily involved in the car culture, helped inform some of your decisions directing Tokyo Drift?

Did you learn to "drift" as you were making this movie?

What do you have coming up next?

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