Recently we were treated to a day on the dark, smoky, steamy set of Raw Feed's sophomore installment Rest Stop 2. As our eyes adjusted to the hazy middle-of-the-night hangar of Ren-Mar Studios, it was obvious that we had entered John Shiban's universe. RS2 takes us to where it all began, sharing the exposition of the roadside killer, and teaches us that kid-napping, bloodthirsty, psychotic truck-drivers are not born; they're made.

The second installment finds Tom (Roger Tillman), brother to Jess Hilts from the original, home on leave from military service only to find Jess and his girlfriend Nicole are missing. Tom, with a little help from his friends Marilyn (Jessie Ward) and Jared (Graham Norris), follow the clues that lead them to the conclusion that their friends were met with trouble at the ill-fated rest stop. The killer (Brionne Davis) returns for Tom, while Marilyn and Jared meet up with the wacky Winnebago clan and run into Nicole's (the first film's heroine) ghost.

While visiting the smoke-filled, 100 degree set, we had a chance to talk to the director, Shawn Papazian, writer, John Shiban, as well as newcomers Jessie Ward and Graham Norris. Even the killer (Brionne Davis) spared our lives long enough to give us his take on his character's motivation.

Minding the blood, we were taken on a tour of the set by writer/producer John Shiban himself, him pointing out all the sites familiar to Rest Stop fans including such cozy nooks as the infamous bathroom. And what psychopathic killer could be without the power-tool laden and chains hangin' torture chamber?

Jessie Ward plays a young woman named Marilyn Culver in her big screen debut. She describes what it's like to shoot a gun and how her character copes with the roadside killer.

Exclusive: Jessie Ward

Graham Norris provides comic relief and mutilated body-parts with his character Jared. We got a chance to speak with him on the dangers of doing your own stunts and what he considers some of 'the scariest parts'.

Exclusive: Graham Norris

Brionne Davis gave us a look inside the killer's mind and relayed to us the answer to why this disturbed truck-driver has taken this bloody path.

Exclusive: Brionne Davis

Director Shawn Papazian took time to share a few words about the expanded Rest Stop 2 universe and explain how he brought Shiban's world to life.

Exclusive: Shawn Papazian

Exclusive: John Shiban

This direct-to-DVD torture flick is still in production and a release date has not been set, but I would look for it on the shelves at the beginning of next year's ghost and goblin season.