In acclaimed Academy Award nominated writer/director Noah Baumbach's latest drama, Jack Black plays Malcolm. He is an unemployed artist with an ironic moustache that just happens to be engaged to everyone's favorite Fast Times at Ridgemont High cutie Jennifer Jason Leigh.

The role is a departure for Black, offering a more subdued, enigmatic character. While we have never seen this type of poignant work from Black, we have also never seen him be this deadly accurate with his humor. This may very well be the funniest, truest Jack Black performance ever committed to screen.

We recently got a change to sit down with the clown prince of rock and chat with him about his latest film. Watch the clip below for our exclusive interview with Jack Black:

Acclaimed Academy Award nominated writer/director Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale, Kicking and Screaming,) brings to life a sharply observed portrait of a family in distress. His latest project is an unflinchingly honest story about coming to terms with one's family and oneself, a journey that is both funny and heartbreaking. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Jack Black.

Margot at the Wedding is playing in theaters now.