Broadway. Hollywood. Vegas. Nashville... Branson, Missouri? Branson, featuring over a hundred shows and more theater seats than Broadway, is the Vegas of the Bible Belt. With a population of only seven thousand, they attract a staggering seven million tourists annually. For thousands of performers, this small town is a chance to live out their dreams. Branson follows the stories of three such performers. There's Jack, who decided to change his name to Jackson Cash, become a Johnny Cash impersonator and move to Branson. Homeless and living out of his car, Jackson has all the talent in the world but still has several other crosses to bear: He is a lifelong alcoholic and drug addict. This is his last chance to find success. Amber is one of the original cast members in a struggling decade tribute show. Each passing day in Branson means one day older for Amber. Waitress by day, performer by night and a full-time mother, she begins to realize that her dreams will end with the show. Geoff, forever the entertainer, decided to quit his job where he earns a six-figure salary, sell his house and move his family to Branson to pursue his passion. With everything at stake, Geoff is rolling the dice one last time to restart his career as a performer in Branson. They all do it for one last chance to step out onto the stage under the bright lights of Branson. What Branson simply asks is, "Is there ever a right time to give up on your dreams?" We joined director Brent Meeske and musician Jackson Cash to discuss this great new documentary, produced by Jack Black. To watch our exclusive interview, click on the video clip below:

Branson recently played the Los Angeles Film Festival and will be coming to a city near you soon.