We recently had a chance to speak with James Cameron to discuss the re-release of Avatar, it's additional footage and why it was cut in the first place.

We also got a chance to speak to the director about:

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  • What he thinks of the people that absolutely despise Avatar
  • - The ridiculous allegations from people online that think he's re-releasing this to "make more money"
  • - Editing his own films
  • - What he thinks about the upcoming Ridley Scott Untitled Alien Prequel
  • - Doing prequels to his own movies like The Abyss
  • - Titanic 3D coming to theaters
  • - Directing a real-life version of Aquaman (like he did on HBO's Entourage)
  • - The inevitable Avatar 2 and Avatar 3, which he plans to shoot back-to-back

Click below to watch our exclusive video interview!

It's no wonder why director James Cameron is "the king of the world." His extremely popular 1997 film Titanic not only won an Oscar for best picture but it also earned over $1 billion worldwide. While many critics didn't think Cameron would ever be able to repeat the success of that film he proved them wrong by returning last year with the 3D space-odyssey Avatar, which has gone on to break all of Titanic's records and earn over $2 billion worldwide. Now Cameron is inviting audiences to return to Pandora once again with a special re-release of his popular 3D film, Avatar, which opens in theaters on August 27th and now features nine-minutes of additional footage not seen in the original cut.