Jason Segel is about to hit the big time with his upcoming Universal comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The Freaks and Geeks's alumni wrote and stars in this hilarious new romantic disaster comedy which is based on his own experiences as a struggling artist in love. In the film, Segel plays musician Peter Bretter, a man lucky enough to be dating TV phenom Sarah Marshall (Kristin Bell). Peter falls into a downward spiral of depression when the girl leaves him for aspiring rock god Aldous Snow. To cope with his broken heart, Bretter takes off for a one-man vacation in Hawaii where he must confront his ex and her terribly sexy new boy toy. This hilarious Judd Apatow produced film soon turns into a comedy of errors, and it just might be the funniest doomed romance seen in recent years.

We recently caught up with Jason on the shores of Oahu, where most of Forgetting Sarah Marshall was filmed. The gracious young star chatted with us on the beaches just outside of the Turtle Bay Resort, where we talked about male nudity, his fear of heights, and the upcoming Muppet Movie that he is currently writing. To watch our exclusive video interview, click on the clip below:

Exclusive: Jason Segel

Forgetting Sarah Marshall opens April 18th, 2008.