The end of the world is nigh! And it ain't pretty, as envisioned by bad-assed sci-fi director Alex Proyas (Dark City, I, Robot). Nicolas Cage stars in Knowing as MIT astronomer John Koestler. His son uncovers a coded sheet from a buried time capsule. The code, unfortunately for humanity, predicts every disaster leading to the eventual apocalpyse. Knowing is not for the feint of heart. It has a plane crash that's so horrifyingly realistic, I can't imagine you will ever be able to see this film on an airplane. It also has a separate, quasi-religious storyline that caught me totally by surprise and has been expertly hidden in the trailers.

I had a chance to wax poetic about the philosophical implications of Knowing. Check out our interviews below with Nicolas Cage, the amazing Rose Byrne, and director/writer Alex Proyas.

Knowing explodes into theaters March 20th.