Earlier this year Liam Neeson struck box office gold as a father desperately searching for his missing daughter in Taken. Now Neeson returns as a husband desperately searching for his wife's lover in The Other Man, which opens in limited release on September 11th. We recently had the opportunity to speak exclusively with the stars of the film, Antonio Banderas and Laura Linney, to find out more about this moving and intriguing new film:

In the film, Neeson plays Peter, a happily married man who has his life turned upside down when his wife (Laura Linney) suddenly disappears from his life. In the aftermath he discovers that she has been having an affair for years and begins an all out search for her lover, Ralph. When Peter finds Ralph (Antonio Banderas), he begins an awkward friendship with the man in an attempt to better understand his wife's betrayal. Peter soon realizes that the man his wife had an affair with may not be everything she thought he was, and attempts to get to the truth of the matter. Also starring Liam Neeson and Romola Garau and directed by Richard Eyre, The Other Man opens September 11th in limited release.