Hot on the heels of her extremely successful family film, Marley & Me last Christmas and her equally successful romantic comedy, He's Just Not That Into You earlier this year, Jennifer Aniston returns to the big screen looking for love again in Love Happens, which opens in theatres everywhere on September 18th. I had a chance to speak exclusively with the star of the film, Jennifer Aniston and it's first-time director, Brandon Camp about the funny and romantic film.

Love Happens stars Aaron Eckhart as Burke Ryan, a self-help writer who deals with his wife's sudden death by writing an extremely successful book on dealing with loss. While on a business trip to his wife's hometown, Burke realizes that he may not have completely healed himself from his loss and begins to feel like a fraud for pretending to help others when he cannot help himself. While dealing with the ghosts of his past, and trying to get through his weekend seminar, Burke meets Eloise, a local florist who has also been unlucky in love. The two begin a reluctant friendship that could result in love if only Burke can finally come to terms with the death of his own wife. Starring Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston, Judy Greer, Dan Fogler and Martin Sheen, and directed by Brandon Camp. Love Happens opens in theatres everywhere on September 18th.