We have a brand new exclusive clip from the new indie film The Wheeler Boys, which will make its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Friday, June 25. If you don't live in L.A., Netflix is also streaming the film for free starting at 8 PM PT on June 25 through Sunday, June 27. You can CLICK HERE after 8 PM PT this Friday to watch this new film online for free. In the meantime, you can watch our exclusive clip from this new film, which features Portia Doubleday and Lorenzo James Henrie.

The Wheeler Boys is a bittersweet coming-of-age story of respect won and lost and the truth behind illusions. Smart, awkward high school freshman Ted, nicknamed Bug, (Lorenzo James Henrie) lives with his abusive, paralyzed father Ron (Bill Campbell) and his older brother Truck (Alex Frost). Truck and his friends call themselves "The Kings" - high school royalty - and Ted, seeking a connection to his idolized brother, soon becomes initiated into their world.

The Kings' have a secret contest to have sex with the most freshman girls and Ted pledges to participate. Ted's confidence and swagger grows with each passed Kings challenge, from getting freshman girls to attend parties, to keeping silent when he witnesses a fight. But when he is asked to go against his moral principles, his impressions about the true nature of the Kings begins to unravel. When the corruption of the Kings, and Truck, comes to light, the brothers must confront each other and what they have become.

The Wheeler Boys is from Netflix FIND Your Voice film competition winner, director Philip G. Flores. Written by Philip G. Flores and Max Doty, produced by Chase B. Kenney, and executive produced by Pepito L. Flores, Antonio Kaw and Tony Carlucci, The Wheeler Boys stars Lorenzo James Henrie, Alex Frost, Portia Doubleday, Haley Ramm, Alex Russell and Bill Campbell.