While the world of video games has certainly advanced over the years, the new film Gamer gives us a vision of the future that, hopefully, we'll never come to. See, instead of blowing up characters on a screen, in this world, with the popular game Slayers, you can control an actual human being in live combat, through the advances of nanotechnology. In the latest film from the twisted minds of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, we get a taste of this crazy world where death-row inmates are controlled by teenagers and where seemingly everyone is a slave to technology.

We were able to speak exclusively with Michael C. Hall, who plays Ken Castle, the mastermind behind this gaming technology, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, who plays the leader of the Humanz resistance faction, Allison Lohman and Amber Valletta, who play Trace and Angie, both on opposite sides of these games, Milo Ventmiglia who plays the nefarious Rick Rape and directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. Click below for our exclusive video interview featurette with the cast and crew of Gamer.

Gamer stars Gerard Butler, Kyra Sedgwick, Michael C. Hall, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, John Leguizamo, Amber Valletta, Terry Crews, Logan Lerman, Johnny Whitworth, Zoe Bell and will bring the game to theaters nationwide on September 4.