Michael Caine proves he's still at the top of his game with the funny and touching, Is Anybody There? Caine stars as 'The Amazing Clarence', an old magician forced to live in the retirement home of a poor couple(David Morrissey and Anne-Marie Duff). He strikes up an unusual friendship with Edward (Bill Milner), their eleven year old son who's obsessed with proving the after-life. So much so, he puts a tape recorder under the beds of the retirees most likely to die - in the hopes of catching their spirit leaving the body. It's a small film, but expertly deals with such heady subjects as death, loss, and friendship.

I had never interviewed Michael Caine and was excited to meet him. He's sharp as a tack and witty as hell. He only had one - as he dubbed it, "senior moment", in the interview. It was obvious that he had a great repoire with young Bill Milner. Give the kid credit, it's his second film and he's starring with Michael Caine. Check out below as Michael Caine gives all the exclusive details on the next Batman film...Just Kidding!

Is Anybody There? hits theaters Friday April 17th.