In Special, Les Franken (MICHAEL RAPAPORT) is a kind-hearted and soft-spoken man who loves reading comic books. He's the type of guy who most people walk by on the street without even noticing; in essence, he's completely average and virtually invisible. However, everything changes for Les the day he is accepted into an experimental drug study for a new and exciting anti-depressant, Specioprin Hydrochloride. As Les begins to take the drugs an unexpected side effect occurs: He begins to develop special powers! These include the ability to levitate, to read peoples' minds, and even walk through walls. Faced with the dilemma of how best to utilize his new "powers," the answer seems obvious to Les. He puts together a homemade superhero suit and hits the streets to fight crime and protect the world from the forces of evil. We recently caught up with Michael Rapaport and the writing/directing duo of Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore to talk with them about this crazy new take on the super hero genre. To watch our exclusive interviews, click on the video clips below:

Special crashes into theaters on November 21st, 2008.