We have an exclusive clip from the Dallas: The Complete Ninth Season four-disc set that will hit the DVD shelves on July 15. Click below to see your first look at the set, and Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing in action.

In Dallas: The Complete Ninth Season some Dallas moneymen take a bath - and one takes a shower. (If you don't know what that means, you're in for a surprise.) The action begins with Southfork mourning the death of Bobby Ewing. But before the tears dry, folks are up to their oil wells in chicanery, greed and lust. J.R. romps with his mistress, institutionalizes his wife and plots to destroy his new business partner. Mark Graison returns from the presumed dead to complicate Pam's love life. Cliff concocts a can't-miss scheme to grab control of Ewing Oil. A femme fatale shipping CEO vamps J.R., Jack and even Cliff.

Special Features

- Seasons of Change examines the most famous dream sequence ever - Dallas' ninth season - and also looks back to season eight to examine the effect of Barbara Bel Geddes departure for a year, and then her eventual return