We have an exclusive clip from the upcoming Space Chimps, which blasts off on DVD and Blu-ray on November 25. Click below for a look at one of the special features on the disc, which looks at the character Luna, voiced by Cheryl Hines.

Jeff Daniels, Stanley Tucci, Cheryl Hines, and Andy Samberg lend their voices to this computer-animated comedy following the descendants of the first chimps in space as they blast off for fun and adventure on a far-away planet. Ham III (Samberg) is the grandson of Ham, the first-ever chimp astronaut. This ne'er-do-well chimp may not be the most qualified ape for the job, but a scheming senator (Tucci) has recruited him for a most dangerous mission. It seems that a powerful tyrant (Daniels) has overtaken an alien world, and now it's up to Ham III and his trusty simian crew (Hines and Patrick Warburton) to help overthrow the deep-space despot. Perhaps with some training from Ham III's mentor (Kenan Thompson) and the help of a friendly alien (Kristin Chenoweth) this fearless group of anthropoids can make the universe a safer place for aliens and humans alike.

Special Features:

- Vignette/Documentary/Featurette: Fox Movie Channel Presents Casting Session, TV Spot Adventure, TV Spot Countdown, TV Spot Meet, TV Spot Rightstuff, TV Spot Spacier