We have a brand new exclusive clip from the upcoming DVD set, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Season 4, Vol. 1, which heads to DVD in a new three-disc set on March 31. Click below for our exclusive clip from the last season of this sci-fi hit series.

As this ground-breaking action-adventure series went into its final season, the unparalleled genius of producer Irwin Allen kicked into creative overdrive, resulting in some of the greatest science-fiction television of all time. From rampaging gorillas and diabolical puppet masters to time-travelling androids and interplanetary kidnappings, this is the show that defined the genre, setting new standards for suspense, vision, and imagination. Now, join Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane and the rest of the crew aboard the Seaview, the Earth's most powerful nuclear submarine, and dive deep into the unknown in this penultimate volume of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.