We have an exclusive clip from the brand new Whale Wars episode, Nothing's Ideal, which airs on Friday, November 14 at 9 PM ET on Animal Planet. Click below for our exclusive clip featuring the ongoing struggle to stop the whaling industry.

After weeks of searching, the Sea Shepherds finally spot a Japanese whaling ship, the harpoon vessel Yushin Maru #2. Captain Paul Watson devises a dangerous plan for two of his crew members to board the vessel and deliver a letter telling them to stop the killing of whales. He hopes to create an international incident, but his plan sparks a safety debate that divides the crew. Two volunteers enlist for the mission - Ben Potts and Giles Lane - and the crew braces for the worst as the men jump over the railing of the enemy ship. They are immediately tied up by the Japanese fishermen, and the Yushin speeds away with the two Shepherds still aboard.