Rory Culkin stars as Scott Bartlett in Derrick Martini's Lymelife. Set in late 70's Long Island. Scott's family life is falling to pieces as his father (Alec Baldwin) has a not-so-secret affair with the next door neighbor (Cynthia Nixon), whose husband (Timothy Hutton) is going crazy from Lyme disease, and whose daughter (Emma Roberts) he's madly in love with. Jill Hennessy, superb in this film, plays Scott's struggling mother stuck in a bizzare situation.

Lymelife is a good film with complex issues, a tremendous ensemble cast, and an ending that will have you thinking long after leaving the theater. It gave a lot to discuss with Rory Culkin, Emma Roberts, and Jill Hennessy. No worries, I made sure to steer clear of any spoilers in the interviews below.

Lymelife is in theaters right now!