In the new Rawson Marshall Thurber directed drama The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Art Bechstein (Jon Foster) is struggling with his new-found post-college freedom and is looking to sleepwalk through the exams that will send him far away to a job chosen by his gangster father (Nick Nolte), and hide him from his family's criminal connections in Pittsburgh. But Art's fortune soon changes when he meets the beautiful and wild Jane Bellweather (Sienna Miller), who he finds an immediate connection with. Art quickly encounters Jane's on-again off-again boyfriend Cleveland (Peter Sarsgaard) who takes Art hostage from his dreary summer job and opens his eyes to the fun, freedom and excitement summer life should bring. Art soon realizes that his life has finally begun in what would become the last true summer of his life. Based on the novel of the same name by Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Chabon, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh captures the adventures and emotional explorations of three young people trying to find their way in a shifting world. We have an exclusive peak at the film, which sets up the very interesting relationship between Art and Jane. To watch Sienna Miller and Jon Foster engage in some very interesting conversation, click on the clip below:

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh opens April 10th, 2009.