Sienna Miller (Jane) and Peter Sarsgaard (Cleveland), co-star with John Foster (Art) in the big screen adaptation of Michael Chabon's, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. It's a coming of age drama that follows an unlikely trio. Foster's 'Art' is the quiet son of a gangster (Nick Nolte) studying to be a stock broker. He meets Jane at a party and falls in love instantly with the gorgeous violinist. But Art is even more captivated with Cleveland, Jane's reckless and criminal boyfriend. They strike up a unique friendship that has many unexpected consequences.

Miller and Sarsgaard were all laughs during the interview. I don't give a hoot about Miller's personal life, so no boundaries were broken here. I was tempted to ask her about G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, but couldn't squeeze a question in with all the giggles. Check out below as the two talk about the film, working together, and the quarterbacking skills of director Rawston Marshall Thurber.

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh hits theaters April 10th.