The Comebacks is heading to DVD on January 29. Since you probably don't want to wait that long to take a look at this DVD, we have a brand new exclusive clip of one of the special features on the DVD for our readers. Click below to check it out.

Champ Fields is known as the unluckiest coach in the history of sports. After being forced into an early retirement, he's given one last shot at greatness. Unfortunately, Champ is hired to coach The Comebacks, a talentless, slightly deranged college football team with a laughable roster and an even worse record. Armed with questionable morals, and weak players, Champ sets out to bring this team of losers together and make the impossible happen, win a game.

From the producers of Wedding Crashers, The Comebacks is a comedy that spoofs the best inspirational sports movies ever made. The film stars David Koechner, best known for his role as "Champ" in Anchorman, and Carl Weathers.

The Comebacks spoofs such classic sports movies including Rocky, Remember the Titans, Friday Night Lights, Field of Dreams, Stick It, and Blue Crush just to name a few.

Special Features

- Commentary by director Tom Brady

- On The Bench deleted scenes

- Featurettes

- Coach Koechner

- Million Dollar Booty

- The Karaoke Kid

- Heartland Hotties vs. Lone Star Naughties

- A Laugh of Their Own

- Razor Blades of Glory

- The Mighty Dicks (Andy Dick outtakes)

Theatrical Rated Version:

- Fox Movie Channel Presents "In Character with David Koechner"

- Varsity Black N' Blues behind-the-scenes featurette

- Fox Atomic viral videos

- Fake Product Endorsements

- Beyond the Legacy

- Ode To Namath