Roland Emmerich's 1991 mega-hit Stargate is set to land on Blu-ray October 27th in an all-new 15th Anniversary edition. Responsible for spawning a very lucrative and long running science fiction franchise, this is the film that launched Emmerich's career. And it is finally getting the hi-def treatment it deserves. To celebrate this beautifully remastered adventure for a whole new generation of sci-fi lovers, we have an exclusive clip from the upcoming release about shooting the film in Arizona. Click on the clip below to check it out:

This lucrative, elephantine-budgeted sci-fi opus paved the way for director Roland Emmerich's mega-hit Independence Day (1996). The story commences in Giza, Egypt, circa 1928, where an archaeological expedition unearths an ancient ring with cryptic hieroglyphs. The film then moves to the present day, where Egyptologist Daniel Jackson (James Spader) is busily trying to convince a group of skeptics that the pyramids were not built by man, but by an extraterrestrial force. After the lecture, a military man approaches him and offers him a job translating the said ring; its inscriptions actually constitute a map to a massive stargate (or interstellar portal). The army sends over resident crackpot colonel Jack O'Neill (Kurt Russell) to travel through the stargate and see what's on the other side; Jackson accompanies him, and the two men turn up in a desert planet on the other side of the universe, with three moons in its sky. The world in question is ruled by Ra (Jaye Davidson), a hermaphroditic Egyptian sun god, who oppresses hordes of slave workers. Jackson and O'Neill then join forces to help the said workers revolt against their oppressor.